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  • I sincerely want to take this time to thank you for an efficient tax practitioner, promptness and friendly staff. I received an excellent service from one of your employee Anand. He saved my time allot by rendering quick responses to my mails and he did my tax returns very quickly.

    Jaswanth - CA, Accenture
  • Given the nature of complicated returns I had, I talked to a few tax consultants. However I wasnt convinced and then decided to try US Taxations based on a friends advice. I found these team quite professional and pretty knowledgeable. team was willing to answer all my questions, clear any doubts I had, and explained my returns to me before handing it over. I even called him couple of times after completing the returns to further clarify some of the additional questions I had. US Taxations responded each time to my calls, and gave time to answer all my queries. Another thing I want to mention, I liked the fact that he had a clear pricing list on his website and I found it to be very Low, knowing what other CPAs were charging. The entire process was hassle free for me. I think I will be filing returns with him the following year as well.

    Ritu - TN, cognizant technology
  • Best service, in-time processing and special care taken for me and looking forward to stay in touch with you guys for further business as well. People are always open for any queries to be answered and followed up periodically. No impediments noticed.

    Aarti - FL, Microsoft
  • I am a small business owner and a private investor. US Taxations did an excellent job with my taxes and handled the complexity of my paperwork with acumen. Due to their guidance, I was able to save over a thousand dollars on my taxes. Not to mention, it cost me half of what it would have at H&R Block! I would definitely recommend US Taxations for all your tax preparation needs.......however simple or complicated.

    Sai Nivas - MI, Intellectsoft
  • “US Taxations filed my tax returns for this year. My tax returns were very complicated last year as compared to any other due to a host of reasons. They handled my tax returns very professionally and accurately. I am pleased to recommend US Taxations, as they are very professional, thorough, knowledgeable and friendly to work with.”
    Venkat - Software engineer
  • It's simple, easy and saves my time and money. I wish I had this earlier, I strongly recommend everybody to use this portal. It's (the) one-point solution to all your tax queries. It's fantastic.
    Maya Chowdary - Developer
  • US Taxations provides excellent and prompt services along with great rates. US Taxations got me a great refund last year hence I went to him again this year. In fact, last year I remember sending him my business documents last minute, he still ended up filing my taxes on time without any problems and saved me a huge penalty. They are always available via email or phone for any queries you may have to ask Them. I have got responses to my questions from Them even at 2am in the morning. My Spouse I wonder if he even sleeps during tax season. We are very impressed with US Taxations services. Last year, I recommended Them to my good friend, he ended up using Their services too and was very happy. When my friend got an audit notice for his taxes filed in the earlier years, he ended up going to US Taxations for his help. Instead of hesitating or saying NO to my friend which US Taxations could have easily done (as US Taxations never filed my friend's tax returns for earlier years), US Taxations graciously agreed to help my friend and represent him to IRS if needed. I can confidently say that US Taxations is not at all money minded as my friend told me later that US Taxations did not ask him for any compensation for the advice/help US Taxations provided to help my friend with his audit issue. My friend thanked me a lot for introducing US Taxations to him and he is also getting his taxes done with US Taxations this year. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone I know in need of tax services. Please give US Taxations a shot once and check him out yourself instead of believing in others biased reviews.

    Joseph - Quality Controller - TX, Infosys
  • Amazing at how much time US Taxations can accomodate for each client and the patience of professionals has to answer each and every simple question. You will feel like checking with your neighbors or relatives on financial advises. Though I had to track him down everytime, the tax filings were so straight forward, to the point and US Taxations exactly know knows what matters and what doesnt. I would recommend them to anyone filing taxes even on their own.
    Rashmika - Software tester
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