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Situations when a non-US person requires ITIN

Well, our clients frequently ask us the reasons when a person not belonging to USA requires the ITIN. So let’s take a glance about the various perspectives of ITIN.

Always remember that the ITIN refers to Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. In many ways, ITIN differs from an employer identification number. In usual terms, the ITIN is especially meant for individuals. Moreover, it also holds equal importance as that of the SSN. Citizens and residents of the USA get an SSN which empowers them to pursue high-profile jobs. SSN is the acronym for Social Security Number.

Quite interestingly, an ITIN is meant for those who may require the ID of a US taxpayer. Here are some situations when a person not belonging to USA may need an ITIN.

  • Requirement of filing a tax return
  • You have a business and processing payments with credit cards
  • You possess various types of tax filing obligations in the economic market of the USA
  • You have business operations in the USA or are connected to the income in USA
  • You are a dependent child or spouse who doesn’t have USA citizenship

Note that it is not easy to get an ITIN. What’s more worrying is it has got a little bit difficult over the years because of increasing cases of fraud with ITINs.

If you need ITIN or have any queries related to it, you can always have a chat with us. Call us and we would be happy to assist you.


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