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Welcome to the Easiest ITIN Application

At USA Taxations we have simple and fast web form which would make the process hassle-free. Note that your ITIN would avoid various common mistakes if you take help of our fast web form. USA Taxations have integrated services which would save your valuable time. We are available 24/7 and offer you with a comprehensive customer support. We are your ideal solution when you don’t have ITIN number of your spouse and dependents.

Steps to get the ITIN in Easy Steps

Here are some few steps with the help of which you can get ITIN easily.

  • You have to first register in our site and then login with the credentials.
  • You have to upload documents in the form of W2 if Taxpayer and passport scanned copy of dependents.
  • Note that we would make your passport certification in the MEA office within 4 to 5 working days.
  • We would send you the certified passport copy to you via courier
  • We would mail you the following forms with instructions. The W7 form and the 1040 form would be mailed by us.
  • Collect and sign all the documents and then mail them back to us.
  • You would get the ITIN within a period of 5 days.



Register & login to


Upload documents

1) W2 of Taxpayer

2) Passport scanned copy of dependent (only first and last page)


We will make your passport certification in MEA office with in 4-5 working days.


We will courier Certified Passport copy to your mailing address.


We also email to you following forms with all instructions

1) W7 FORM (ITIN Application for)

2) 1040 FORM take printout of all the forms with A4 size


collect, sign and mail all the documents i.e.,

1) Certified passport copy

2) W7 FORM

3) W2 FORM

4) 1040 FORM  to the following address.

Internal Revenue Service,

Austin Service  Centre,

ITIN Operation

P.O. BOX  149342

Austin, TX 78714-9342


You will get your ITIN within 4-6 working weeks by mail to your mailing address.

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